Lee Do-hyun “Song Hye-kyo and Melo? Don’t be overbearing or stingy”

Actor Lee Do-hyun of the Netflix original series 'The Glory' decorated the cover of the April issue of the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan.

This pictorial captures Lee Do-hyun's innocent and sexy mood at the same time. Lee Do-hyun added hand acting wearing jewelry to natural expressions and poses. When asked about his impressions of the shoot, he said, “I don’t normally wear a watch, but I can see why it is said that a watch is the completion of fashion.”

At the time when 'The Glory' part 2 was opened, Lee Do-hyun said, 무료스포츠중계 "It's the first time that a work I appeared in did well worldwide, so all the reactions are so amazing. I also received many calls from friends overseas. Local people know me,” he said.

Lee Do-hyun played the character Joo Yeo-jeong in 'The Glory'. read more Lee Do-hyun said, “I wanted viewers to approach Yeo-jeong Joo in a mysterious way, as if they knew it.” At the beginning of the filming, I consulted with (Song) Hye-kyo sister, the director, and the writer to adjust the level.”

Also, regarding the sum of acting with actor Song Hye-kyo, “It was always difficult to move as little as possible within a set angle and extract the maximum energy. Hye-kyo noona is an actress who is really good at that. Her emotions are so communicative that she doesn't have to express them. It's a bit contradictory, but I thought, 'This is a real acting master',” he said.

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